Better security, better user experience

PixelPin is effortless authentication, that is more secure and easier to use than passwords.



Friction free security

No more lost transactions caused by forgotten passwords. No more abandoned journeys due to cumbersome key fobs. Our technology lets users make security their own.

Mobile first

Mobile now accounts for more than half of e-commerce sales and is still growing. You need an authentication system that doesn’t scare off customers. PixelPin works seamlessly on both mobile and desktop, with our native iOS and Android libraries as well as our web solution.


Goodbye hacks

Getting rid of passwords, means getting rid of it’s weaknesses as well. PixelPin protects you and your users from brute force and dictionary attacks.

Goodbye phishing

Mass phishing attacks are virtually impossible with us. Protect your business and your users from threats.







Device PP


Fast and easy integration

Increasing security has never been so effortless. With our plugins, integrating PixelPin is a few clicks away.

Detailed analytics

Gain usage metrics. PixelPin will help you get to know your target audience.

Tailored integration

Want to customise the login journey? Use PixelPin as another layer of security? We offer features such as out-of-band and multi-factor authentication, along with options to self host.

Security is only as strong as your password.