Management Team










Brian Taylor

Founder & Inventor

Brian Taylor is the inventor of PixelPin. In a light bulb moment, whilst working with MET Police surveillance teams, he spotted the need for an easier way to login to computer systems. He raised a Patent, got a business partner and investment from Telefonica to start PixelPin.





Geoff Anderson

Founder & CEO

Geoff has a background of delivering complex critical software systems, and with his information security experience has led the PixelPin product development, through a number of successful grant applications to market.





Luke Briner


Luke is a CISSP certified, CyberSecurity Expert having special expertise and experience in software security. He has developed secure Wealth Management Systems for independent financial advisors and banks including developing web applications for a large multi-national security company. He is also an OWASP contributor and PasswordsCon participant, whilst being a finalist of the annual UK Cyber Security Challenge.